Creative Studio for Heart-Led Brands & People Living in the Digital Age

Designing & Aligning with Nature, Technology and Intuition in Stuart, FL

Hi, I’m Carol-Anne

I’m the multi-passionate Lead Creative behind Rebel88 Studio, with an eye and a heart for brands and folks who are adventurous, purpose-focused and paradigm-shifting.  I followed my childhood passions for computer technology, graphic design and digital communications into my career and now I get to help inspiring people like YOU for a living!

I’ve got a broad background in a variety of industries and can lend insight & experience to the realms of : wellness, personal development, natural & intentional living, high-end fine dining, active & alternative lifestyles, event production and more.

I offer tech support for just about any device or platform you can think of.

Consider me your go-to support as a citizen of the digital realm.

Beautiful imagery that captures your energy & offerings.

Software & workflows that help your life flow better.

Knowledge that helps you participate with clarity on platforms that connect you with “your people”.

Your own home page on the web, that tells your story and brings “your people” directly to you.

It’s time to move forward with confidence!

Design, Marketing, Creative and IT Services

Branding : Research, Design & Strategy

Clarify your personality, story and the audience you serve so you can reach your people with an identity that resonates.

Content : High-Def Photo & Videography

Capture headshots & portraits, details of your space, products, services, or events. For branding or personal use, in short or long-form video format.

Digital Marketing : Design & Strategy

Spread the word, build an audience, nurture leads and show up consistently. A range of support for small business budgets and DIY’ers.

Tech : Websites, IT & Software Solutions

Create a beautiful, branded digital home base for your offerings, powerful back end software solutions, or gain general tech support.

"Working with Carol-Anne has helped me stand out.

Clients have told me they browsed other practitioners but instantly trusted and connected with me through my website, so they chose to book with me.

Tracey Etelson

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner

"Carol-Anne is extremely creative and forward-thinking when it comes to marketing.

My team’s nonprofit in Massachusetts benefited tremendously from her expertise in social media and business vision. Cannot recommend more highly.


James,  Grassroots Organizer – Baystaters for Natural Medicine

Google Review, September 2023

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