Design & align your heart-led business so you can stand out from the crowd and effortlessly connect with your people.

Alchemize creative + tech + marketing strategies with my Holistic Brand Alignment process.

Hi, I’m Carol-Anne

I’ve been around the block with start-ups, non-profits and small businesses and I’ve noticed one big problem : entrepreneurs & creatives are out there struggling to get their beautiful ideas out into the world because these days — everyone feels pressured to be a marketing expert on top of all their other roles.

Small business owners wind up overwhelmed and burnt out so they try tactics at random, duplicate what everyone else is doing, and even avoid branding & social media altogether.

I believe it’s time for a more empowered approach. Through my signature Holistic Brand Alignment process, multimedia services and educational content, I help you build a magnetic presence and empower you with the tools & support to find customers by simply being yourself.

You’re not going to find “basic” templates, blurry images or fluffy marketing lingo here.

I use a unique alchemy of holistic brand development, custom design, high-def visuals and impactful messaging. Your communications will feel natural AND will call in your ideal customers.

Brands I work with are noticed for their striking visuals, on-point copy and smooth, sleek user experiences.

"Working with Carol-Anne has helped me stand out in a competitive niche.

Clients have told me they browsed other practitioners but instantly trusted and connected with me through my website, so they chose to book with me.

Tracey Etelson

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner

Holistic Brand Alignment consists of the following 4 layers of development.

Services can be booked individually or as part of a custom package.

Branding : Research, Design & Strategy

Clarify your personality, story and the audience you serve so you can reach your people with an identity that resonates.

Content : High-Def Photo & Videography

Capture headshots & portraits, details of your space, products, services, or events. For branding or personal use, in short or long-form video format. Pro level video & audio.

Digital Marketing : Design & Strategy

Spread the word, build an audience, nurture leads and show up consistently. A range of support for small business budgets and DIY’ers.

Tech : Websites & Software Solutions

Create a beautiful, branded digital home base for your offerings and a  powerful back end software solution to streamline your operations.

"Carol-Anne is extremely creative and forward-thinking when it comes to marketing.

My team’s nonprofit in Massachusetts benefited tremendously from her expertise in social media and business vision. Cannot recommend more highly.


James,  Grassroots Organizer – Baystaters for Natural Medicine

Google Review, September 2023

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