Stand-out design, strategy & content for creatives, artists & entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do.

Build or re-build an aligned brand experience.


Attract ideal clients with ease.


Free up time to do what you do best.

Powerful branding and imagery are a must-have if you’re in a competitive industry.

Aside from a website, and social media there are so many details, features, passwords and vocab words to keep track of, sometimes it can feel like you’d rather do business back in the 1990s with a good ole pen, paper and a corded wall phone.

Buuut…you found your way to this page, so you know your business is your way to make your mark on this world and with the right guidance, there are more ways to connect with your ideal audience than ever before.

I’m Carol-Anne, a Screen Studies & Communications expert who has done all the hard work of studying how to build & market a business effectively… so you can forge ahead into digital realms confidently.

I’ve gained nearly a decade of experience supporting stand-out businesses, backed by formal academic studies in Communications.

I know firsthand that the path to success is through amplifying what makes you and the experience you provide to your clients so unique.

With an aligned brand, you’ll feel relief when you :

  • Book out your services and meet business goals more easily
  • Scale your business faster, with more confidence
  • Network, nurture leads & sell with ease, knowing your website is an automated sales funnel
  • Always have a stash of social media posts, photos, prompts & templates ready to go

Holistic Brand Alignment

My approach involves 4 key areas of development that should be aligned for an effective brand presence. When differentiating from similar brands and trying to convey life-changing products & services, a simple logo just isn’t enough.

My unique skillset lies in defining your story & essence, defining the transformation that takes place for your audience, then creating consistent imagery that meets elegantly in the middle.

Each brand that works with me is unique, so packages are custom-created to your exact needs. Start below and choose your own adventure!

A Holistically Aligned Brand Includes...

Branding : Research, Design & Strategy

Clarify your personality, story and the audience you serve so you can reach your people with an identity that resonates.

Content : High-Def Photo & Videography

Capture headshots & portraits, details of your space, products, services, or events. For branding or personal use, in short or long-form video format. Pro level video & audio.

Tech : Websites & Software Solutions

Create a beautiful, branded digital home base for your offerings and a  powerful back end software solution to streamline your operations.

Digital Marketing : Design & Strategy

Spread the word, build an audience, nurture leads and show up consistently. A range of support for small business budgets and DIY’ers.

Services being revamped, check back soon!

Brands I've Designed