Step into the world of social media made easy.

Transcend trends and platforms with a fresh perspective, so you can create impactful connections online and get back to business.

Save Your Spot for Social Media Made EasySave Your Spot for Social Media Masterclass

Are you a heart-led entrepreneur feeling a little disconnected when it comes to showing up online?

The thought of crafting another post invokes dread and procrastination rather than excitement…

  • You’re frustrated & overwhelmed with all the features and strategies and you’re inconsistent in your posting.

  • Your current posts aren’t converting the way you’d like.

  • You dream of going viral and becoming “known” by your ideal audience, but you have a block around feeling “seen”.

  • You would  love to hand it over to someone else to handle for you.

    As a multimedia creative and marketing consultant I’ve been around the block with start-ups, non-profits and small businesses and I’ve noticed one big problem. Entrepreneurs & creatives are out there struggling to get their beautiful ideas out into the world because these days — everyone feels pressured to be a marketing expert on top of all their other roles.

    The problem is, social media is most effective when it’s actually you behind the account.

    Your audience is intuitive, and the Internet requires energy work too, just like other areas of your life.

    It’s time to arm yourself with a more empowered approach to social media.

    Imagine re-aligning your perspective so you can…

    • Feel empowered, excited and inspired to make posts for your business.

    • Feel like the fog has cleared and you can now view social media as a lead-attracting ally.

    • Feel confident with support, a new perspective, valuable tools and templates.

    Call in this relief for your future self with a fresh mindset and a social media strategy.

    I’ve cultivated a variety of offerings just for you, to help you DIY your social media, so you can plan the simple schedule with high-impact results you’ve been dreaming about.

    These offerings are for :

    • Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

    • Practitioners

    • Service Providers

    • Retail

    • Personal Brands

    Who have a basic grasp on social media and a DIY marketing budget.

    An existing Brand Strategy & Identity are recommended for best results.

    Learning Opportunities

    Social Media Made Easy for Soul Proprietors

    2 hour workshop

    Explore what social media is, how it’s evolved and why it’s so hard to show up authentically. In just 2 hours you’ll bust through your limiting beliefs then create a plan you can get excited about.

    Investment : $45 per person

    What You’ll Gain :

    • A fresh perspective : Understand the true essence of social media and why your presence is crucial.
    • Strategic insight : Learn which platforms align with your business and how to engage authentically with your ideal audience.
    • Timeless skills : Acquire universal social media strategies and tools adaptable to any business and future trends.
    • Practical tools : Walk away with a simple social media plan, a content planning calendar and invaluable resources tailored for soul proprietors.

    Past in-person sessions:

    Tuesday February 29 | 6-8PM at Spirit Well in Stuart, FL

    Tuesday March 12 | 6-8PM at Spirit Well in Stuart, FL

    Next Virtual Sessions:

    Monday March 18 | 12-2PM

    Monday March 25 | 6-8PM

    Wednesday March 27 | 12-2PM

    Workshop Series : Mastering Social Media for Heart-Led Businesses

    6 x 2 hour workshops

      Are you ready to dive deeper and truly master social media as a heart-led business owner? If you’ve started to scratch the surface but are looking for more – more connection, more authenticity, and more impact – this follow-up workshop series is designed just for you! 

      This an invitation to move beyond the basics and explore the art and science of building a meaningful online presence that mirrors your passion and purpose.

      Join us as we embark on a journey through six workshops that will elevate your social media game. 

      * Crafting Your Social Media Voice & Telling Your Story

      * Advanced Content Strategies: Detailed Content Calendars, User Generated Content & Trends

      * Reels : Short Form Video Production for Business Owners

      * Creating & Engaging a Community

      * Maximizing Impact with Minimal Effort : Repurposing Content & Post-Scheduling Tools

      * Analytics & Realistic Social Media Goals

      Next in-person sessions:

      Thursdays March 19 -23 | 6-7:30PM at Spirit Well in Stuart, FL